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She's Free, She Pees.

As female equality is stretching out to places its never been before, it's time to #LetPeedomRing. With new female stand-to-pee devices popping up all over the market, its easier than ever for ladies have liberating, scenic restroom stops.

My stand-to-pee tool of choice? The Tinkle Belle.

Finally enjoying the view instead of hiding in bushes!

The Tinkle Belle stands apart from other products for many reasons. One, is its size. When it comes to peeing when standing, size actually matters. The Tinkle Belle is nine inches long which means not only does your stream reach past your clothes and feet, but it'll probably make it easier for us to finally write our names in the snow too. The Tinkle Belle also has hard sides, which most other devices do not. This means it can be pushed through a zipper or through the top of your waist band and it will maintain its shape. This equals not having to expose yourself while trying to pee outdoors - which is the whole point right? Check out their video to see all of the other amazing perks of The Tinkle Belle.

But let's get down to why I'm really here - the sustainability of female stand-to-pee devices. The first being, it is most definitely reusable and very durable meaning it will last a very long time. Once you're done with the deed, you can fold it, pack it, and go (and go...and go... and go again...).

Although standing while peeing can now be done in many places for us ladies, the place I see it making the most sustainable impact for me is when hiking, camping, backpacking, etc. The Tinkle Belle, unlike other devices, is designed to act like a "squeegee" so you can wipe without any toilet paper or less-than-friendly-leaves. For those Leave No Trace followers, this is finally a better solution than packing in and packing out all of that TP. Because yes, if you do use TP in the outdoors, you really shouldn't leave it there.

The Tinkle Belle is also made out of hydrophobic and antimicrobial materials so when you're done there isn't much mess to clean. When using it outdoors, a quick rinse with water before you pack it up in it's little blue case is all you need. This means no soap ending up in the environment around us. It is recommended, however, to wash with soap once you return home or even throw it in the dishwasher (yes, it's dishwasher safe!).

Do you spy the super small and convenient blue bag making it truly for on the "go"?

Apart from the awesome influence The Tinkle Belle has in the outdoor recreation industry, they are very practical for other venues in life as well. They work great for gross gas station bathrooms along the road trip where you don't want to touch anything in there, or even at the music festival porta-potties that ran out of toilet paper three days ago. Super small, convenient, and discrete for all scenarios.

The Tinkle Belle in action.

Another great thing about The Tinkle Belle, is it's partnership with the God Forgives Foundation. Part of The Tinkle Belle's sales go to support this non-demononational foundation in opening and maintaining orphanages around the world. Most of these orphans lost their parents to HIV/AIDs and would end up abused or forced into sex-trafficking. No matter your religious views, your political affiliation, or life background, it's important to say we tried at giving these children an opportunity at life.

I loved meeting the awesome ladies from Tinkle Belle while at their booth in Sturgis this year and really do recommend this new standing-to-pee experience. If you've had experience with The Tinkle Belle or any other female stand-to-pee device, share your experience or shoot us your silly pics to our email or Instagram. Until then, #LetPeedomRing and live your #lifeOUTSTANDING!

XX, Erin

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